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Artisan Breads


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Breadmaking is a wide and varied art, and there are many different flours and methods to try once you have mastered the basic loaf.

Over 3 hours you will learn how to mix, shape and knead doughs using a variety of ingredients including dark ale, rye, spelt and wholewheat flours. You will each take home your own brioche buns (perfect for burgers or just toasted at breakfast... amazing!), roasted tomato and rosemary focaccia and dark Scandinavian rye bread. All breads will be hand made using techniques that can be replicated at home, and you will gain an understanding of using different flours, flavours and liquids to experiment with in the future This is a great hands on class for both beginners and confident bakers.​

You will leave with all the breads made in class, and recipes from the day to practice at home!

Our classes are very informal but well structured, taught in small groups for maximum experience. There will be lots of hands on baking, overseen and demonstrated by the teacher. At the end of the class you will take home everything made entirely by yourself, in addition to recipes from the day.

Skills learnt include:

  • intermediate bread making theory and troubleshooting
  • baking in domestic ovens and injecting steam
  • using different flours and flavours and how to work with them
  • forming and shaping doughs, including free form and tin loaves
  • multiple kneading methods by hand and also on machines

Please note:

The baked goodies as described above may change from time to time due to availability and seasonality of ingredients.