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Our baking classes are a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, hen party or work do, and we offer packages that can be completely tailored towards your requirements. To make things easy though, and to give you some ideas, our most popular party classes are listed here...

Afternoon Tea Baking

Making and decorating a selection of classic recipes including scones, mini sponge cakes, almond fruit tarts or chocolate brownies to be enjoyed afterwards with byo!

'Bake Off' Party 

Working on a 'technical challenge' and then a 'showstopper' bake to be judged at the end by each member of the group! Lots of creativity is on show in these parties...!

Cupcake Baking and Decorating

Baking perfect sponge cupcakes in a choice of flavour, and then making buttercream frosting from scratch to be piped onto cupcakes and topped with fondant decorations also made by each group member. Have a look at our Cupcake Masterclass for further details of what you can expect this class to entail. 

Biscuit Baking and Decorating

Making biscuit dough to be cut and baked in a variety of shapes (themes can be selected!) which are then piped and flooded with royal icing and fondant decorations.  

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.